Energy and Environmentally Efficient Cooling System for Maritime use

The maritime industry has in the recent years changed their strategy. Before the global financial crisis, the shipowners had only the temporal aspect in mind. From A to B as quickly as possible was most important, whatever the cost. However, this has changed significantly. Rising oil prices and a much greater focus on the environmental impacts, have led to higher operating costs. The industry is now searching for every opportunity to reduce these operating costs. Today, traditional compressor driven A/C units is used for cooling the ships. The electrical energy that drives the cooling systems, is produced by combustion of fossil fuels. 

COOL4SEA’s new cooling technology changes all of this. Onboard ships of all types and cargos, the need of cooling is always present. In order to generate cooling, energy is required. This energy is supplied by combustion of oil. However, large amounts of unused energy in the form of heat, exist on every ship. This heat is extremely difficult to utilize. COOL4SEA has developed a cooling technology, that can harness the energy from this heat and use it for A/C. This saves the oil that otherwise should have been used — with environmental and economic benefits as a result.

More information about the project can be found at the project website