Third Meeting with the Green Shipping Expert Group (GSEG)

The third meeting of the STEERER Green Shipping Expert Group (GSEG) was successfully held online on January 12th, 2022. The main objective of the meeting was to validate the concrete actions to achieve zero-emission targets, including priorities that are set and agreed, under each of the six areas of intervention as defined in the Strategic Research and Innovation agenda (SRIA) of the ZEWT Partnership.

The productive whole-day discussion in both plenary and in smaller groups led to a collection of valuable inputs from the members of the GSEG on most of the main actions proposed. In addition to this, the SWOT analysis of the main areas of intervention was carried out during that day. Some of the most crucial and at the same time discussable points from this work were identified later to structure an online survey for a broader list of stakeholders. Furthermore, a follow-up online workshop on the digitalization topic was held on the afternoon of the 4th of February with a selected number of GSEG members.

The results of this work will be integrated into the STEERER D2.3 report on the areas of intervention.