STEERER Final Event I Agenda and registration available 

The closing event of the STEERER project aims to propose and disseminate a comprehensive RD&I decarbonization strategy for the waterborne transport stakeholders, which will lead to a more harmonized innovation landscape that builds upon the insights and efforts of each organization, thus creating a whole that’s larger than its individual stakeholders.


9:00–9:30 Welcome coffee and registration

9:30–11:00 Plenary session

The morning-session is all about inspiration, future exploration and 'What if?'-scenarios. We’ll explore future oriented innovation-boulevards with an opportunities mindset and showcase innovations happening right now to realize these futures might not be that far away.

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

11:30 -13:00 Break-out session

We will divide in break-out groups of ±10 people  and each explore a different future-scenario from our own expertise, field of industry and insights based on one of the above statements. Starting from the far future and reverse-engineering to today via assumption busting and 'how might we?' Questions, each table will be led by its own facilitator to push ideas further, help people get unstuck, and capture all ideas in insights. The focus is on finding the necessary RD&I steps, a unified vision and sense of priority. 

13:00–14:00 Lunch

14:00–16:00 Technical visits in Antwerp

After lunch the technical visits will take place in the area of Antwerp where participants will have the opportunity for 'hands on' experience of demonstrators of zero-emission solutions. Transport will be provided from venue to the site visits and back.

  • Seafar
  • Hydroville
  • FAST
  • DEME offshore simulator

16:00-18:00 Grand finale

Which 3 teams designed the most innovative/realistic/futuristic concepts? Come back to see what the other teams have created by evaluating canvases designed by our team of visual narrators and vote for your favourite. It might be your team to go home with the main prize.


Four site visits will be organised to demonstrators of zero-emission waterborne transport solutions in the area of Antwerp. Find out more information about each site visit below and make your preferred choise in the registration link*. Transport will be provided from venue to site visits and back.

Seafar supports and operates automated vessels from a Shore Control Center (SCC). The captains in the SCC are supported by the latest technologies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The combination of vessel autonomy (navigation) and remote pilotage (support in maneuvers) is the key for the implementation of efficient smart shipping.

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Hydrogen refueling station (the first refuelling station in the world that produces green hydrogen, which will be used to power ships, tube trailers, cars, trucks and buses) & Hydroville (a passenger shuttle mainly used as a platform to test hydrogen-technology for commercial seagoing vessels) by CMB.Tech

unnamed 2

Fleet Automatic Statistics and Tracking (FAST) is an open collaboration and communication platform, designed by Euronav shore and sea personnel to, amongst others, focus on reducing fuel oil consumption and CO2 emissions. Euronav vessels are being equipped with data collectors through which they transfer about 400 sensor values per second to a cloud data platform. The FAST platform does not only provide real time performance insights to vessels and shore but also allows Euronav to make future data-driven decisions and innovative improvements to their fleet.


DEME is a world leader in the highly specialised fields of dredging, land reclamation, marine infrastructure, offshore energy and environmental remediation. More information on the simulator will be available soon.

unnamed 4

*The number of places for each site visit is limited. In order to best organise the visits, in the next step you will be asked to choose a second prefered visit as a back-up solution.




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