Results of the STEERER Final Workshop on Future Exploration of Waterborne Transport 

After 3 years, the STEERER project is reaching its end. The final conference was organised on 12 October at the Beacon innovation center in Antwerp, Belgium.

The event "Future Exploration of Waterborne Transport" was an outside-the-box interactive event aimed to bring life to ideas on how to tackle the climate challenges in the morning session and to introduce the participants to the 4 technical sites in Antwerp, that are pracising sustainable waterborne solutions, including Deme offshort simulator, 1st hydrogen refueling station and vessel Hydroville, FAST by Euronav and Seafar.

The event brought together more than 90 participants of different backgrounds and expertise but always related to waterborne transport. After the morning inspiration session and introduction, the participants were split in nine teams with the goal to develop a prototyping canvas.


The teams brainstormed on ideas based on our childhood dreams but also kept in mind the critical uncertainties of such realisations. Fiction structures like indepedendent ocean stations, cargo that floats on water instead of ships, flying poseydon kite vessel that transports cargo, modular vessels, are just some of the ideas the nine teams pitched after the return from the technical visits.

The winning team C-HIVE (C for cargo, hive for beehive) whose idea of intermodal autonomous container that moves independently of a ship won the highest votes. We congratulate to the winner and to all the temas whose deas will be fed into the future waterborne SRIAs and contribute to solutions for zeroemissons waterborne transport.

 Discover the prototype canvases below and access the master slides of the morning presentation via this link.

Winner drawing - C-HIVE

Steerer Waterborne visual 9

International Ocean Station

Steerer Waterborne visual 6

Emission Free Transport

Steerer Waterborne visual 12

Flying Poseidon

Steerer Waterborne visual 3

1000 to 1

 Steerer Waterborne visual 4

What there is to "SEA"

Steerer Waterborne visual 5

Smash Smart Shipping

Steerer Waterborne visual 7

Blue Ocean Label

Steerer Waterborne visual 8

Team Happy Whales

Steerer Waterborne visual 1