Green Marine


At GREEN MARINE we bring world-leading expertise in the design, construction and operations of methanol-powered ships, assisting shipowners, operators and shipyards in accelerating the transition to a methanol-powered maritime future.

From offices in Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Geneva and Singapore, our teams deliver innovative methanol-based solutions, across the value chain, to ensure significant reductions in CO2 and NOx. Completely eliminating harmful SOx and particulate matter.Meeting and exceeding IMO and Paris Agreement emission reduction targets. 

Our methanol experts brings over a decade’s methanol dual fuel expertise and deep industry knowledge to develop fully integrated design and methanol solutions for both propulsion and onboard power generation. 

We have built a reputation for having the most extensive expertise in providing advisory for design, shipyard selection, shipbuilding, technology in using methanol as fuel and technical operations since the first methanol dual-fuel MR tankers were delivered in 2016.

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