Concawe is the scientif division of the European Refining Association representing 40 Member Companies owning close to 100% of the refining capacity in the EU. Our main mission is to conduct research to provide impartial scientific information around the enviromental, health, safety and economic performance aspects of the petroleum refining industry and refined prodcuts. Another area is to assist the develpoment of technically feasible and cost-effective policies or legislation by EU institutions and Member States.

Recently, Concawe has presented its "Vision 2050" where the broad principles of our long-term strategy for low-carbon liquid fuels are described. The Refining Industry's vision consists of liquid fuels progressively lower in carbon intenstiy, increasingly using new feedstocks such as a renewable power, hydrogen, biomass, wastes and captured CO2 as part of a very efficient manufacturing cluster.

To develop the technical work underpunning this "Vision 2050", Concawe initiated cross-cutting area of research aiming to assess the technology developments for both refineries and the different transport sectors. Through collaboration with other partners, relevant consultants and institutions, Concawe is aiming to:

- Provide better scientific understanding of the possibilities to decarbonize different transport sectors by 2050;

- Share quantitative assessments of the overall potential for CO2 emissions reduction from the combination of more carbon-efficient vehicles and fuels, the potential evolution of the liquid fuels industry and the changing role of the refinery.


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