Maritime Research Institute Netherlands

Reliable, independent and innovative 
MARIN, the Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, has become a reliable, independent and innovative service provider for the maritime sector and a contributor to the well being of society. We take initiative to couple our own expertise to various application areas to broaden our ability to solve problems. By maintaining our leadership position in hydrodynamic and nautical research and development, we make our accumulated know-how and experience available for Concept Development, Design Support, Operations Support and Tool Development. This commitment to high-quality technological innovation enables you to meet the challenges facing your industry today.

A dual mission

We have a dual mission: to provide industry with innovative design solutions; and to carry out advanced research for the benefit of the maritime sector as a whole. In this way, we strengthen the link between academic research and market needs. It is a unique interaction that benefits all parties concerned. The driving force behind this dual mission is a team of highly motivated and experienced people. MARIN is innovative, independent and above all, reliable.

Pro-active response to market needs 

By feeding back the results of advanced research programmes into commercial projects, MARIN has created a powerful synergy with the maritime industry. This industry is being confronted with shorter cycle times and increasing global competition in challenging environmental and economic conditions. By becoming involved in projects as early as possible, MARIN can help meet these challenges. Our customers include commercial ship builders, fleet owners, navies, naval architects and offshore companies the world over.

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