Maritime Technology Cluster FVG

Maritime Technology Cluster FVG – mareFVG 

Maritime Technology Cluster FVG – mareFVG  is a no profit public-private consortium of maritime stakeholders, established in 2009 in the autonomous region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in Northeast Italy.

Its network is composed by a growing numbers of members and affiliates, with the aim of being more competitive together: big enterprises, SMEs, Universities, research centers, training institutions, scientific parks and incubators, business aggregation and more. 

Its main activities refer to four areas of expertise: observatory, networking, services and training. Starting from the analysis of the maritime territorial framework, mareFVG provides matching and incoming activities for extra regional business, building connections among local and extra regional expertise, enhancing opportunities for collaboration, mutual growth, technology knowledge and facilitating the matching between demand and offer of innovation. The Blue Economy actors are supported in designing collaborative innovation projects, with project management and dissemination of research results services, whereas vocational activities for young students are performed in order to promote maritime jobs.

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