Fundación Valenciaport

Fundación Valenciaport

Fundación Valenciaport is an Applied Research & Training Centre providing services to the port and logistics cluster.

It is an initiative of the Port Authority of Valencia, and has been joined by outstanding businesses, universities as well as institutions from the port community. It currently collaborates in more than twenty countries, primarily Mediterranean, as well as from the rest of Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Fundación Valenciaport operates in a broad spectrum of areas: logistics and intermodality, information technologies, sustainability, security and protection or port planning, to name but a few. Similarly, the collaborating companies come from across the entire transport chain, from exporters, to road transport operators, railway services operators, freight forwarders and logistics operators, shipping agencies, diverse types of terminals, technical-nautical services, customs, other governmental organisations and international institutions.


More than 60% of all the projects undertaken by Fundación Valenciaport could be classified as pure innovation (focusing on the development of prototypes or pilot testing) and deployment, rather than the standard research studies. This high percentage attests to the commitment of Fundación Valenciaport to be at the service of the cluster, in addition to its clear intent to continue to be the instrument to implement improvements and innovation to both the infrastructures and the technologies used in its areas of business.


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