Flikkema Innovation Management & Consultancy


Flikkema Innovation Management & Consultancy (FIMC) was founded in 2021 by Maarten Flikkema with the mission to support maritime and renewable energy innovations in their journey to the market. Since then, FIMC has grown to be a reliable partner in innovation management and preparation for funding and finance requests.

FIMC specialises in collaborative research, development, and innovation projects such as, but not limited to, those funded through Horizon Europe. With a strong network in the maritime and renewable energy sectors, FIMC can rapidly bring together key stakeholders to form a strong coalition to address specific challenges in the sectors. These challenges include smart and green maritime transport, multimodal logistics, connected logistics, port operations, green energy generation and storage, and the development, production and use of green fuels.

Based in the Netherlands, FIMC is centrally located to support European partners in bringing their innovations to the market in a durable way.

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