Eigen Vermogen Flanders Hydraulics (EV FH)

Eigen Vermogen Flanders Hydraulics (EV FH)

The mission of Eigen Vermogen Flanders Hydraulics (EV FH) is to valorize its expertise and innovative instruments to improve the safety, sustainable exploitation and accessibility of seas and waterways. 

EV FH benefits from its synergy with Flanders Hydraulics Research, a centre of expertise for research and advice on hydraulic, nautical, sediment-related and hydrological topics.

Together with the development and use of numerical tools, we offer our customers an integrated deployment of installations and modeling according to the highest scientific standards and reinvest our resources to broaden our knowledge and expertise.

Besides of the installations in Antwerp (https://www.waterbouwkundiglaboratorium.be/en/home) a new Flanders Maritime Laboratory is under development in Ostend. It is a 2-in-1 complex that houses a large towing tank for in-depth research on ship manoeuvring in shallow water and a wave tank to study the impact of waves, tides and wind on ships and constructions at sea within the Coastal and Ocean Basin. The knowledge on ship manoeuvring in shallow and confined water is spread through the Knowledge Centre for Ship Manoeuvring in Shallow and Confined Water (http://www.shallowwater.be/).

EV FH is  focused on developing strategic partnerships to provide added value for its customers in Flanders, Belgium, Europe and across the world.

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