Emerging & Frontier

Emerging & Frontier

Emerging & Frontier is a boutique consulting company specializing in communications, training, and analytical services for the maritime industry. While headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, we serve clients globally with a main client portfolio coming from the Western and Northern Europe.

We provide specialized communication services, such as writing of white papers, articles and posts for companies in the maritime industry, including the port sector. Our services cover a wide range of maritime topics, such as the decarbonization of shipping, energy efficiency, retrofitting of ships, outfitting of cruises, ship and port equipment, navigation solutions, and many other maritime topics.

The content we provide is published on our clients' websites or on their social media, in particular on LinkedIn, on which we focus as a B2B platform per excellence. Our specialized maritime content has become essential for our clients' international outreach and marketing, and increasingly for their lead generation.

We also offer a wide range of specialized maritime conferences and trainings (open to corporate registrations or delivered privately to individual company executives or staff), as well as provide speaking engagements to shipping companies, ports and maritime interest groups on environmental issues related to the maritime industry, such as the decarbonization of the shipping industry, the inclusion of shipping in the EU ETS, green ports, and Arctic transit, among others. Our training course "Social media for shipping companies and ports: The 25 critical social media mistakes of companies in the maritime industry" has attracted participants from four continents.

In a world that demands transparency from large corporations, we have also advised on the preparation of sustainability reports and delivered various in-depth studies, analyses and white papers on environmental issues for companies and organizations in the maritime industry.

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