European Conference of Transport Research Institutes

ECTRI, the European Conference of Transport Research Institutes, is the leading European research association for sustainable and multimodal mobility. It was founded in April 2003 as an international non-profit organization. It is the first attempt to unite the forces of the foremost multimodal transport research centres across Europe and to thereby promote the excellence of European transport and mobility research. Its members are 28 major transport research institutes or universities from 19 European countries. Together, they account for more than 4000 European scientific and research staff in the field of transport.

ECTRI is pushing for green, safe, efficient and inclusive mobility for people and goods by:

- Facilitating the representation and cooperation of its Members

- Providing independent, evidencebased advice to decision makers in Europe

- Promoting mobility research and enhancing its scientific quality and effectiveness

Six ambitious strategic objectives are defined to drive ECTRI towards its above Vision and Mission. Those objectives takes into account the major policies’ developments and the main societal trends and driving forces that are foreseen to affect the European transport and mobility system in the coming decade; they also reflects on the requirements and needs of ECTRI Members, partners and customers. For more information, please refer to the ECTRI Strategy 2021-2030:

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