Viadonau os one of the leading international waterway operators in the Danube region. Our experts in infrastructure management, shipping and logistics, along with electronic information and navigational systems, flood control and environmental hydraulic engineering, provide services for the public sector, businesses, tourists and local residents along the Danube. 

We maintain and take care of approximately 300 kilometres of flood control dams on the rivers Danube, March and Thaya, and ensure the safe and efficient traffic management at nine Danube locks. We also maintain 500 kilometres of towpaths as well as 250 kilometres of cycle paths. Approximately 260 employees are involved in the daily maintenance, protection, safety and development of the Danube river.

We strive for the responsible management, development and promotion of the Danube waterway by means of cooperation in both national and international projects, whereby the interests, ideas and inspirations from politics, business, science and the environment are brought together. 

We cooperate and work together with all groups of key players, using an integrative approach to develop viable solutions for the sustainable and responsible use of the living, natural and economic areas on the Danube.

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