Swedish Maritime Administration

The Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA)

SMA is a governmental agency and enterprise within the transport sector and is responsible for maritime safety and availability. Our services include, for example, pilotage, fairway service, maritime traffic information, icebreaking, hydrography, maritime and aeronautical search and rescue and seamen's service. SMA is appointed by the Swedish government to, as appropriate, represent Sweden as an observer in technology platform Waterborne TP.

A special Research and Innovation unit formed within the SMA engages actively in maritime research, innovation, development and demonstration activities, as well as international cooperation. The R&I activities are aimed at strenghtening SMA and Swedish competetiveness, as well as, contributing to meeting maritime requirements, both nationally and globally. 

Prioritised R&I areas in SMA are: e-Maritime and Sea Traffic Management, Sustainable maritime transport, maritime safety, infrastructure and technology, winter navigation and external conditions of importance to maritime activities and shipping. Some of the more important SMA innovation and demonstration projects include: the EU funded Sea Traffic Management Validation (STM) project and its forerunners MONALISA and MONALISA 2.0. SMA also initiated the hydrography project FAMOS.


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