Ministerul Transporturilor, Infrastructurii Și Comunicațiilor

Romanian Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications

In fulfilling its functions, the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications has the following main general attributions:

- develops, finances, implements, monitors, evaluates, promotes and administers programs and projects in order to achieve the objectives defined in our government’s strategic documents; 

- elaborates and implements strategies, development policies in its field of activity, in accordance with the national, European and international strategic documents;

- cooperates with the other structures of the public administration, with the private sector and with the civil society, in the elaboration of policies and strategies;

- initiates, leads and ensures the financing, monitoring and / or implementation of programs and projects in its field of activity;

-  plans, allocates, monitors and evaluates the use of resources for the implementation of policies in the field;

- ensures the participation and represents, in accordance with the law, Romania's interests in the processes of negotiation and adoption of the initiatives of the European Union institutions and develops collaboration relations with entities from the member states of the European Union, in its field of competence;

- elaborates and substantiates the proposals regarding Romania's positions within the negotiations that are taking place at the level of the Council of the European Union, on the issues related to its field of competence;

- promotes the standards and recommendations issued by the European Union and international bodies in its field of competence.

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