European Dredging Association

The European Dredging Association ("EuDA") was founded in 1993 and celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2018. EuDA is a non-profit industry organization for European dredging companies and related organisations which interfaces with the various European Union's ("EU") Institutions and also some International Organizations (such as IMO, HELCOM or ILO). EuDA members employ approximately 25,000 European employees directly "on land and on board of the vessels" and more than 48,300 people indirectly (through the suppliers and service companies). The combined fleet of EuDA's members counts approximately 750 seaworthy EU-flagged vessels.

Dredging activities are not well known by the wider public, but as a matter of fact, the European dredging companies, members of EuDA, are world market leaders with about 80% share of the worldwide open dredging market and a turnover of 8.6bn Euro in 2018. Although 70% of operations take place outside Europe, 90% of the returns flow back to Europe.

The Association assists its members with all kinds of requests related to dredging issues, presently strongly focusing on Social, Environmental, Technical and Trade issues. These issues are coordinated by the Secretariat and executed by its specialised working groups composed of experts from the member companies.  

EuDA has registered as Interest Representative Nr. 2492574893-58 under the EU transparancy register. The Association will pursue its goals by endorsing policies to create fair and equitable conditions for competition; commits to respecting applicable national, European and international rules and regulations; commits to operating its fleet safely, effectively and responsibly.



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