Members of the Coordination Group

This page introduces the Members of the Coordination Group.

The Coordination Group consists of the Chair and the two Vice-Chairs of the Board, the Chair and the Vice Chair of each IRAG, and the Chair and the Vice-Chair of the Communication Group. The members listed below are not a member of the Board.


180922 Salvador Furió

Salvador Furió, Chair of IRAG Port & Logistics

Director of Logistics and Intermodality, Fundación Valenciaport (

Salvador Furió holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and a Master of Science in Port Management and Intermodal Transport from the University of Comillas (ICADE). After six years of experience as Project Manager in Logista, the main logistics operator in Spain, he joined the Valenciaport Foundation in 2004 as Director of Logistics and Intermodality. Since then, he has participated in and directed numerous research, consultancy and cooperation projects at national, European and international level. These projects have always been related to port development, container logistics, maritime, rail and intermodal transport, trade facilitation, planning and design of logistics platforms and energy-efficienty and environmental management. In addition, during this period he has been a lecturer and regular collaborator on different master's degrees at the Universities of Valencia and Castellón and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and has participated in national and international congresses on transport and logistics. He is the director of the IDB's online course on Single Window for Foreign Trade.



180923 Emilio F Campana

Emilio Campana, Vice-Chair of IRAG Blue Growth

Head of Engineering, ICT, Energy and Transport Department, Italian National Research Council (

Emilio Campana has been researcher at the IBM European Center for Scientific and Engineering Computing (IBM-ESEC), and successively joined the National Towing Tank (INSEAN), being the INSEAN Director between 2010 and 2017. During his research activities, he has been Principal Investigator of EDA (European Defense Agency) and ONR (Office of Naval Research, US NAVY) projects. 

Emilio is the Italian national represenative in the JPI Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans, the European platform for the harmonization of marine and maritime national reserach programs, and in the NATO Science and Technology Board, the highest scientific board of NATO. He is also the coordinator of the Scientific Committee of the National Technology Cluster of the Blue Growth, a national alliance promoted by the governement.


Sebastiaan Bleuanus

Sebastiaan Bleuanus, Vice-Chair IRAG Ships & Shipping

Program Manager, Research & Technology Development Wärtsilä (

Sebastiaan started his career in the automotive industry working mainly on alternative fuels and later supporting legislative development on both national and European level. In 2011 he joined Wärtsilä where he has been working with new technology development, research coordination and public funding ever since.