WavEC Offshore Renewables

WavEC Offshore Renewables

WavEC – Offshore Renewables is a private non-profit organisation, founded in 2003 dedicated to the development and promotion of ocean wave energy, offshore wind and other renewable energies, as well as ocean cleaning and decarbonization. This is done through technical and strategic support to companies, R&D institutions and public entities. The Centre strives to collaborate with companies and other institutions outside Portugal that recognize the necessity of International Cooperation, in particular those who seek an association with Portuguese companies/institutions.

WavEC has rapidly become the reference institution of its type in Europe, with significant work developed at national, European, and international levels. Furthermore, WavEC has been deeply involved in public policies in Portugal: legislation for the wave energy feed-in tariff, legislation for setting-up a pilot zone for wave energy, national renewable energy plan and national maritime space planning. WavEC has built a coherent international network through the participation in numerous European and national funded projects. Has been leading six European funded projects, participated in more than 50, and is responsible for running the secretariat of the Ocean Energy Systems (OES) of the International Energy Agency, an intergovernmental body of 25 member countries.

WavEC’s team, based in Portugal, is committed to a greener future within several areas of expertise: hardware and monitoring, design and engineering, modelling, HPC and data-science, environment and policies, economy and industry and communication. The company is composed of 23 specialists, with extensive experience in technical aspects of offshore renewable energy and ocean engineering, as well as non-technical aspects like policies, socio-economic and environmental impacts, legislation and dissemination. Being a non-public self-financed institution, its work is international recognized as being fully independent. 

“WavEC: Making the World Green and the Oceans Blue”

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