Intecsa Ingenieria Industrial SA

Intecsa Ingenieria Industrial SA (INTECSA)

INTECSA is a Spain-based International Contractor focused in the Energy, Fertilizer and Petrochemical industry.

In our more than fifty years of history, INTECSA has executed over seven hundred industrial projects as major Industrial Services arm of ACS Group, the first International Contractor in terms of revenue as per the ENR. Through our Innovation Division, named Intecsa Industrial Innovation HUB, we do explore, develop and integrate new technologies within our traditional or new clients and look after synergies with all the ACS wide range of activities.

Under the frame of the energy transition our Innovation Team is involved in some programs to produce electricity and H2 / green fuels from offshore renewable power generation systems. Possible applications are marine bunkering, cold ironing at harbours, hybridization with offshore wind / fish farms, energization of remote areas.

On the circular economy, we are targeting initiatives to refurbish stacked offshore infrastructures to a second life with renewable energies.

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