Brodosplit JSC

Brodosplit JSC

Brodosplit JSC is a member of DIV Group, which consists, besides the shipyard, of six factories in three countries in the region, and dozens of production and support faci­lities in the shipbuilding industry. It also has several branch offices in the European Union and agencies covering Asia, Africa, and America. DIV Group is among the ten largest private companies in Cro­atia, being a leader in the metal processing indu­stry in the region and beyond. DIV Group specializes in shipbuilding, production of steel constructions, metal processing, and production of fastening elements and systems, production of railway infrastructure fastening components and other mac­hine parts and metal products.

Brodosplit JSC stands at the head of a group of companies with long and spotless tradi­tion, as one of the most famous European shipyard. It was established in 1922 by merging several smaller shipyards in the city of Split. The main program of the Brodosplit group is development, design, and constru­ction of the most complex vessels as well as the most complex steel constructions for infrastructure, transport, energy, processing, and general use.

Brodosplit governs the latest technological achievements in design and construction of energy efficient and eco-friendly vessels with hybrid propulsions: company’s more than 150 designers develop various types of new-buildings by using high-end software and 3D modelling, respectively, and with more than 2100 employees provides knowledge and expertise on all types of vessels (including even navy submarines) with tradition and skills proven with hundreds of ships already delivered - recently (in last year) top notch expedition vessel, first of Polar Class 6 in the world, as well as the largest sailing vessel in the world (160 m, almost 6500 m2 of sail area); momentarily Brodosplit has under construction two polar expedition cruise vessels with hybrid propulsion.

Besides regular and actual investments in facilities’ upgrade such as assembly of new gantry crane with lifting capacity of at least 650 tons to improve steel-blocks’ errection technology, Brodosplit’s strategical investment plans are fully oriented towards further implementation of Industry 4.0 doctrines into shipyard’s technology and production processes, aiming to digitize all workshops’ machinery, improve 3D modeling possibilities, introduce in near future additive manufacturing of parts and components – in general, to utilize all digital technologies, transforming shipyard into the Smart Factory, capable to develop, design and build energy efficient, environmentally friendly and (semi) autonomous ships – Smart Ships.

DIV Group and Brodosplit, respectively, are social responsible companies with the vision to become one of the leading representative in shipbuilding industry on the basis of sustainable growth and development, on benefit of local communities, employees, owners, clients and passengers: groups’ mission is continuously to emphasize and promote to all stakeholders importance of environmental protection, implementing into production processes various energy supply solutions and in newbuilding projects diverse options of “green” propulsion. The aim is to shape highly technological hubs for brilliant ideas and innovations, industrial parks in groups’ courts, taking significant part and role in creation of European shipbuilding brand of new era - therefore Brodosplit constantly invites international companies and individuals involved in maritime sector, students and scientist with creativity particularly utilizing digital technologies, to join the company in contribution further to shape sustainable society.

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