University of Cádiz

University of Cádiz

The University of Cádiz (UCA) is a young and dynamic public university located in the province of Cádiz, nearby the Strait of Gibraltar in Southern Spain.

Marine and maritime activities have always played a key role in our socio-economic environment and, as a matter of fact, there is a wide array of UCA research groups linked with these areas and the waterborne sector:

- Energy-efficiency in sea transport;

- Materials and nanotechnology for innovation (Additive manufacturing & 3D printing);

- Maritime policy (safety policy and control instruments);

- Applied robotics;

- Materials and Manufacturing Engineering and Technology (shipyard 4.0);

- Corrosion and Protection (laser-hybrid welding for shipbuilding);

- Automatics, Signal Processing and System Engineering Group (algorithms for autonomous vehicles guiding);

- Intelligent Computational Systems (AI, data analysis and modeling).

UCA has created a dedicated research institute for Sea Research (INMAR) to foster holistic research on sea sciences and technologies, focusing on lines like environmental quality and sea pollution, atmospheric and oceanic modelling, sea renewable energies, marine corrosion, etc.

The University of Cádiz also coordinates the International Campus of Excellence in Sea Sciences (CEI-MAR), an international aggregation of universities, R&D centres and companies from Spain, Portugal and Morocco which has become an international benchmark in teaching and cross-cutting research in marine issues, including Science, Engineering and Humanities. All this aggregation of information managed by CEI-MAR enable to channel solutions to those societal challenges derived from the marine aspects in both ocean basins connected by the Strait of Gibraltar.

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