Trends and drivers

Trends and their Impacts on the Waterborne Industry 2030

The following key trends and impacts have been identified:

  • Continued population growth and urbanization increases demand for focused waterborne services and upgrading of infrastructure
  • Food and water demand is increasing with supply becoming challenged which calls for more water transport and aquatic food production.
  • Society’s increasing expectations to adequate health, safety, security and the impact of industries on the environment will lead to more strict regulations and require the waterborne industries to improve in these areas.
  • Developing countries will continue increasing their share in global economic growth which will in turn increase trade in particular among these countries.
  • Global growth of population and GDP will increase energy consumption, despite higher energy efficiency of facilities and equipment.
  • Waterborne trade growth will be driven by economic growth of developing countries and global growth in demand for food, water and technological products.
  • Climate change will lead to more flooding, draughts, extreme weather events and polar melting and will impact all waterborne sectors.
  • The fast development in information and communication technologies will increase digitalization in all waterborne sectors and will significantly influence design and operation of assets

The MESA project has undertaken an exercise to identify the consolidated impacts on the waterborne industry foreseen until 2030, based on an analysis of the previously identified trends on population growth, food and water demand and supply, societal expectation related to health, safety, environmental and security, economic and waterborne trade growths, energy demand and supply, climate change and environmental damages and the effects of ICT.

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