Smart vessels, fleets and ports

Waterborne transport will be an integral part of an efficient logistic chain.

Waterborne transport will be an integral part of an efficient logistic chain. Connection with other transport modalities, or inland-waterway transport, will be seamless. Smart vessels will communicate with smart ports to limit congestion, waiting time and thus costs. Smart vessels will adapt their sailing speed to match harbour slots automatically.

An important facilitator for seamless integration of transport modalities will be the further harmonisation of administration
between EU member states and regions. Smart vessels will automatically file the necessary paperwork, and provide port authorities with cargo information.

Constant real-time connected and monitored vessels worldwide will see ships become more closely integrated into logistics or supply chains. Global companies will focus on using a whole fleet to best effect, generating cost savings and improving revenue generation. This has the potential to create new shipping services, such as online cargo service marketplaces, more efficient pooling and leasing of assets, and new alliances.

Smart vessels will be able to adapt their operations not only to congestion in ports, but also to for instance weather conditions. Fuel consumption over the whole sailing route will be minimised by taking weather predictions and loading condition into account for selecting the optimal route and speed.

Ports will facilitate the energy transition of the fleet, by providing bunkering possibilities for different fuels, as well as recharging capabilities for electric or hybrid vessels. Safe solutions for bunkering of LNG will be provided, possible away from the quay.


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