Realisation and Demonstration of Advanced Material Solutions for Sustainable and Efficient Ships

Innovative materials and their wider use are important to improve the life cycle performance of European built ships and maritime structures, to reduce their environmental footprint, to make the industry more competitive at a global scale and thus to create and maintain employment. Despite considerable progress in research and development as well as first commercial applications in recent years, the use of lightweight and other advanced materials in the maritime sector is lagging behind the potential. Therefore, it takes a comprehensive initiative of a dedicated group to overcome existing barriers. Horizon 2020 logo

At the end of 2017 Uljanik applied for the JEC Innovation Awards in the category of application of composite materials in marine engineering with the theme of composite panel construction for cargo decks for newbuilding 513 and was shortlisted among three finalists. The aforementioned prestigious award is given as part of the JEC Innovation Programme of the JEC Group, the leading world organisation in the sector of composites, with the aim of recognizing, promoting and rewarding the most innovative composite solutions around the world and encouraging companies involved in composite innovation.

This achievement is a great success story showing the impact of many years of steady research and development in the field of lightweight and should also be regarded as a reward for preceding projects like BESST and De-Light.



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