Structuring Towards Zero-Emission Waterborne Transport

Key stakeholders of the waterborne transport sector have expressed their views to decarbonise shipping (ranging from energy suppliers, to ship-owners, shipbuilders and maritime equipment suppliers, ports, shippers, classification societies, infrastructural companies, environmental non-profit organisations, research institutes, citizens associations and policy makers). In addition, several initiatives have already been undertaken or will be launched soon. These initiatives range from the introduction of alternative fuels or energy carriers for waterborne transport, developing measurers to implement GHG reduction strategies, infrastructural developments, technological innovations to supporting policies and financing instruments.

Considering the diversity of the sector, the geographical scope, the international dimension and the challenge to transform waterborne transport into a zero-emission mode of transport (including all possible types of emission), STEERER will support the development of a unified approach concerning the implementation of zero-emission technologies. It brings together the key actors to reach the zero-emission objective, builds consensus on the decrease of emissions towards 2050, and develops an ambitious research and innovation agenda, including an implementation plan. The cornerstone of the implementation plan is to secure that the transition towards zero-emission waterborne transport is economically viable and putting Europe as a world leader in the transition process.


  • Establishing a European Community jointly working towards zero-emission waterborne transport as part of the logistics chain, delivering clear commitment to reaching zero-emission transport by latest 2050 by:
    • reaching agreement on emission targets towards 2050;
    • developing a Research and Innovation Agenda, based on jointly agreed priorities;
    • designing an implementation plan consisting of business models, as well as supporting policies and regulations, ensuring European competitiveness regarding solutions for zero-emission waterborne transport.
  • Create and execute an awareness campaign on the importance of waterborne transport and its commitment to become a fully sustainable mode of transport.

Call for expressions of interest

A call to join the Green Shipping Expert Group as available here. The annexes in word are available via: /media/115092/200225-steerer_call_for_application_gseg_annexes_final.docx

The following documents are available for download


    Call for Expressions of Interest to join the Green Shipping Expert Group

    Uploaded:  25 Feb 2020


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