Waterborne Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

EU Research Strengths and Priority Areas

The structure of this section is as follows, for each of the five Technology Areas: 

State of the art.  This section defines the current state of the art based on a detailed analysis of past research programmes from around the world.  This is the foundation upon which new research will be based and against which gaps in knowledge are identified.  

Research priority areas.  This identifies the broad technical outcomes which will be needed to realise the 2030 opportunities and the research focus required to achieve this.  These topics build upon EU research strengths as identified in the current state of the art section, and fill any gaps that have been identified.

Pathways to innovation.  This section identifies the specific technical areas to be developed under each of the research priority areas and provides an indication of the timing.  Rather than using specific dates, the timing is broken down into short, medium and long term activities, where long term equates to around 2030.

By developing technologies which will be needed by 2030 and basing this on a clear understanding the state of the art will ensure the best possible return on research investment, both commercial and strategic.