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  • Shipbuilding of the future: Innovative materials and production - Overview of presentations

    Overview of presentations at the MESA TTG3 workshop "Shipbuilding of the future – Innovative materials and production", Papenburg (20-21 June 2016)

    Uploaded:  1 Jan 0001

  • SAVE-THE-DATE - Shipbuilding of the future

    Shipbuilding of the future – Innovative materials and production

    Uploaded:  1 Jan 0001

  • European Port Industry Sust Rep 2016

    This report serves as the first Sustainability Report at the level of the European Port Industry.

    Uploaded:  5 Apr 2016

  • TRIP March 2016 newsletter

    Welcome to the March edition of the Transport Research & Innovation Portal (TRIP) newsletter, which includes information about TRIP’s attendance at the Transport Research Arena Conference 2016 (TRA2016). It also features four projects that have been updated with final results, upcoming events, and transport research and innovation news.

    Uploaded:  1 Jan 0001

  • e-Maritime for automating legacy shipping practices

    The European Commission has been actively promoting the competitiveness of the European maritime transport sector and a more efficient use of resources through the better use of Information and Communicating Technologies (ICT), with a core vision to enable seamless communication in the sector. This paper describes how the FP7 eMAR project successfully developed, tested and assessed tools to further streamline maritime operations. These tools included an an eMAR Ecosystem, the Inlecom i-Ship Intelligent Ship Reporting Gateway, and two specific interoperable platforms: the DANAOS Collaboration Platform and the InleMar Ecosystem. These applications will help transmit information to all relevant stakeholders (authorities, agents, ship masters, of/onshore shipping company facilities) in an automated and smart manner. The transmitted information, which includes legally required information such as the IMO FAL Forms, as well as business related information, such as Estimated Time of Arrival or Port of next call or availability, will significantly improve not only the shipping related operations but also the entire upstream and downstream supply chain operations.

    Uploaded:  1 Jan 0001

  • Waterborne_Current Status

    Uploaded:  1 Jan 0001

  • MESA_Maritime RDI website_list of current Calls

    Here is a list of a list of current calls to submit research proposals in areas of relevance to the maritime sector.

    Uploaded:  1 Jan 0001

  • WATERBORNE Technology Platform Newsletters

    Uploaded:  24 Dec 2015

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