Other MESA reports

Other reports etc produced by the MESA project

Summary reports on workshops, publication on e-maritime for shipping and port operations etc.

  • MESA D4.3 e-maritime: Thematic Workshop Reports

    The aim of this deliverable is to report on the proceedings of the four e-Maritime workshops organised by MESA’s Thematic Technology Group TTG4 on e-Maritime held as part of the Maritime Europe Strategy Action (MESA) project. It presents the objective of the workshops, in the context of the overall objectives of the MESA project, and summarises the actual proceedings, recording the participation and some of the preparatory actions.

    Uploaded:  1 Jan 0001

  • Publication on e-Maritime for shipping and port operations

    The aim of this deliverable is to produce a publication summarising the state-of-the-art in e-Maritime, outlining the main opportunities for implementation in shipping and port operations, and highlighting some of the most promising activities in clear, business-oriented language.

    Uploaded:  1 Jan 0001