R&D Road Map

Proposals for the updating of the Waterborne TP strategic documents

MESA has undertaken a comparison of the technology status, on the scientific and implementation point of view, with future foreseen needs, and has carried out a gap analysis.

On the basis of these reviews, proposals for the updating of the Waterborne TP strategic documents have been produced, along the following lines:

  • Definition of strategic goals and vision in the technology area in long, medium and short term – Technology Goals;
  • Identification of technology gaps by comparing the State of the Art against the Technology Goals – Technology Gaps;
  • Identification of RDI needs in long, medium and short term based on the Technology Gap Analysis – RDI Needs;
  • Development of an Implementation Plan for the RDI Needs as an input to the WATERBORNE documents, including a prioritization and proposals for the implementation in different funding schemes – Implementation Plan.
  • MESA D 3 2 RD Road Map Public

    Uploaded:  19 Sep 2016

  • TTG4 e-Maritime: Proposals for R&D Road Map

    The aim of this deliverable is to provide proposals for updating the WATERBORNE Technology Platform R&D Road Map for the topic of e-Maritime and to make suggestions for an implementation plan. Recommendations of the problems to be solved in the future, the expected achievements, and the research priorities, are also presented. These recommendations will provide an input for updating of the WATERBORNETP strategic research agenda.

    Uploaded:  19 Sep 2016