Maritime show cases and success stories

MESA has identified “show cases” where excellent scientific results have been achieved

To help improve to the visibility of the research activities and the dissemination of the results achieved in the four technology areaa reviewed by MESA, “show cases” have been identified where scientific results have been achieved according to expectations, where demonstration activities have been successfully completed and where the potential of an innovation activity is likely to be – or has been - taken up by industry.

  • e-Maritime Innovation Show Cases

    This Deliverable D4.4 describes two particular show cases and successful demonstration activities that have been identified from the completed e-Maritime project eMAR: e-Maritime strategic Framework and Simulation based Validation, where the potential of an innovation activity is likely, or has been, taken up by industry or by government.

    Uploaded:  19 Sep 2016

  • Maritime Innovations for the 21st Century: Success stories from EU Research

    This publication focuses on a number of projects that could be “showcased” as examples of the tangible benefits of EU support of the waterborne transport sector in four major technology themes: Energy Efficiency, Safety, Production, and E-Maritime.

    Uploaded:  19 Sep 2016

  • Production Innovation Show Cases

    A documentation of selected success stories showing the impact of maritime research on increased competitiveness of the industry and its contribution to solving societal and global challenges, in the area of shipbuilding production.

    Uploaded:  19 Sep 2016