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Transnational Call for Research & Innovation Projects in Maritime and Marine Technologies

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MarTERA opened a transnational call with a budget of about 30 Mio € for collaborative research projects in different areas of maritime and marine technologies (deadline: 31th March 2017). This call is initiated by 18 funding organisations of the former ERA-NET MARTEC consortium and JPI OCEANS members from 16 countries/regions:

  • EU Member States countries/regions: Belgium-Flanders, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain
  • EU associated countries: Norway and Turkey
  • Third countries: Argentina, Belarus and South Africa

The Call 2017 will be implemented as a two-step procedure (a pre-proposal and a full-proposal step). After submission of the pre-proposals via the MarTERA web page, the proposals will be assessed for eligibility and selected for step 2. The project coordinator of an applying research consortium has to submit the pre-proposal on behalf of the consortium. In Step 2 full proposal by the applying consortium must be submitted.

The 16 countries support following maritime and marine technology areas:

  • Priority Area 1: Environmentally friendly maritime technologies
  • Priority Area 2: Development of novel materials and structures
  • Priority Area 3: Sensors, automation, monitoring and observations
  • Priority Area 4: Advanced manufacturing and production
  • Priority Area 5: Safety and security

Financial support for the projects will be awarded by the national/regional funding organisations according to the national/regional guidelines. Only projects which receive funds from at least two countries will be supported.

Coordinator contact: Project Management Jülich, Filiz Aslan, f.aslan@fz-juelich.de; phone: +49 30 20199554

General information

Transnational Call for Research & Innovation Projects in Maritime and Marine Technologies
Topic Identifier
Maritime and Marine Technologies for a new Era
Types of Action
Research and innovation projects


Publication date
10 January 2017
Deadline Model
Two stage
Planned opening date
15 December 2016
31 March 2017 00:00
2nd stage Deadline
08 September 2017 00:00

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