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Innovative ICT solutions for future logistics operations

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In a logistics sector with highly increased collaboration, intermodal and dynamic re-routing of freight, there is a need to exploit ICT advances such as Internet-of-Things, big data, new satellite navigation infrastructure and Intelligent Transport Systems with changes in business needs. We need to rethink the way we plan, book and execute freight flows, new systems should provide all stakeholders with reliable information and allow exploitation of the full potential of horizontal collaboration. Furthermore we will need to match the increased need for real-time and open data to plan and track shared freight with guarantees that the exploitation of this data is both safe and secure. Given the vast number small and medium sized enterprises active in the transport sector this project should have a clear focus on the ease of access to all future ICT solutions. To maximise the impact of data sharing, it is vital to also consider the needs and policies of all public stakeholders (cities, regions, road operators, customs authorities, etc.).

General information

Innovative ICT solutions for future logistics operations
Topic Identifier
Types of Action
RIA Research and Innovation action


Publication date
14 October 2015
Deadline Model
Two stage
Planned opening date
20 September 2016
26 January 2017 17:00
2nd stage Deadline
19 October 2017 17:00

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