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Coastal-rural interactions: Enhancing synergies between land and sea-based activities

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At the interface of land and sea, coastal areas are environmentally fragile but also attractive areas with unexploited business opportunities. Land-based activities in coastal regions and even beyond, in upstream river-basins, influence the availability and quality of fresh water reaching the sea and, as a consequence, coastal and sea-based economic activities (including tourism) and the exploitation of marine resources. Equally, coastal development can have positive or negative effects on hinterland development, e.g. tourism-related pressure on land availability. Mainstream agro-environmental policies tend to fail when it comes to lowering nutrient load on the shorelines while rural economies do not always benefit from the economic development on the coast. There is a need to explore how territorial governance approaches and cross-sectoral economic development approaches could deliver mutually beneficial impacts for rural territories and coastal areas and seas which cannot be achieved in other ways, in particular as regards mitigating the impact of land-based activities on coastal water quality.

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Coastal-rural interactions: Enhancing synergies between land and sea-based activities
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RIA Research and Innovation action


Publication date
14 October 2015
Deadline Model
Two stage
Planned opening date
04 October 2016
14 February 2017 17:00
2nd stage Deadline
13 September 2017 17:00

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