NAV 2018: 19th International Conference on Ships and Maritime Research

The three-year NAV Conference, organized by ATENA (Associazione italiana di Tecnica Navale), is the only Italian scientific event on the issues of maritime technologies.

20 Jun 2018 - 22 Jun 2018

The conference will last three days, covering the whole
spectrum of maritime technologies topics, with a particular
focus on the new uses of the sea as a source of energy and
mineral resources.

At least 200 papers will be presented in in parallel sessions and
thematic workshops.

Nav2018 will be held in Trieste, and the aim is to highlight the
national scientific and technological system. For this purpose,
it's important to collect in a Committee of Honor the primary
personalities of Italian maritime industries, by giving them a
role as 'ambassadors' of the conference.

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