SETRIS project documents

Documents from the SETRIS project on R&I agenda for all transport modes

  • D2.3 - Defining the concept of a "truly integrated transport system for sustainable and efficient logistics”

    This document provides a holistic overview of a truly integrated transport system as the vision to reach significant advance in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of freight transport and logistics, creating value and adding competitiveness to all manufacturing and retail sectors in Europe and supporting the achievement of societal challenges associated to freight transport.

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018

  • D2.4 - Benchmark research and innovation activities (I)

    This SETRIS Deliverable D2.4 Benchmark research and innovation activities (I) presents the results of an assessment of different European projects and initiatives in urban freight and how these cover the research challenges and topics set in the 2014 ERTRAC-ALICE Urban Freight research roadmap (implementation status). Based on the gaps identified in the benchmark exercise an implementation plan proposes new research challenges and topics for the 2018-2020 period within eight different areas.

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018

  • D2.5 - Benchmark research and innovation activities (II)

    This SETRIS Deliverable D2.5 Benchmark research and innovation activities (II) is an update of D2.4 Benchmark research and innovation activities (I). This deliverable contains new recent projects and includes projects related to waterborne transport to the assessment of European initiatives in urban freight. Moreover, it explains how the research challenges and topics set in the 2014 ERTRAC-ALICE Urban Freight research roadmap are being implemented (implementation status). Deliverable 2.5 propose new actions plans and recommendations to stakeholders related to topics proposed in deliverable 2.4 for the period 2018-2020.

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018

  • D3.1 - ALICE Research and Innovation Roadmap on the Physical Internet

    This roadmap, complementary to current ALICE roadmaps will have as background the major innovation areas already identified and will outline how advancing in them will contribute to a real Physical Internet in 2050. Remaining research and innovation gaps will be identified with specific focus on business models, regulations and governance.

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018

  • D3.2 - ALICE Research Roadmaps Implementation Plan and Monitoring

    This document includes an analysis of the status of Implementation of ALICE Roadmaps delivered in 2014 as well as a specific implementation plan of the roadmaps including concrete topics to be implemented through R&I projects and initiatives.

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018

  • D3.6 - Waterborne Research Evaluation

    The objective of this report is to present the results of the assessment of the performance of the Waterborne R&I programme developed by the Waterborne Technology Platform. The main impact of the assessment will be the updating of the Waterborne R&I programme. Together with the results of the MESA project, the assessment will serve as a basis to identify gaps in the current programme and ways to fill them.

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018

  • D3.8 - ERRAC-Alignment of ERRAC priorities with national rail strategies

    This deliverable D3.8 aims at identifying the synergies between the relevant national and EU programmes – including Shift2Rail - which could support the implementation of ERRAC priorities. Emphasis is put on: - How these priorities are aligned with ERRAC priorities; - How they could support the implementation of ERRAC priorities in a coordinated manner with ERRAC and EU Institutions.

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018

  • D3.9 - ERRAC- Update of ERRAC Technology roadmaps’ implementation plan

    This deliverable D3.9 further complements the work done within FOSTER RAIL WP4 and develops the implementation plans for the ERRAC roadmaps (FOSTER RAIL D4.9, 2016).

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018

  • D3.10 - ERRAC- Knowledge and Dissemination strategy

    This deliverable is part of the activities as described in SETRIS WP3 and especially Task 3.3. “ERRAC strategy for increasing innovation in the sector”, task dedicated to ERRAC. The general objective for ERRAC is to increase innovation within the sector requires also incentives to be aligned better between stakeholders.

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018

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