SETRIS project documents

Documents from the SETRIS project on R&I agenda for all transport modes

  • Maritime Future

    THE MARITIME FUTURE: an Ocean of Opportunities for Europe

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018


    Summary of the SETRIS Project Outcomes and Results

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018

  • Truly Integrated Final Edition WEB

    Uploaded:  13 Mar 2017

  • D1.1 - Challenges Outline

    This document aims at identifying the level of integration required as well as metrics to measure future implementation success using an agreed set of challenges (physical, operational, economical, and political) as benchmark.

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018

  • D1.2 - Truly integrated urban transport system

    SETRIS project supports a holistic update of research and innovation strategies, started by different EU projects, mainly Foster-Rail and Foster-Road. The scope of this deliverable is limited to the “urban” and “passengers” “transport modes”. Both private and public urban transport modes have been considered. This document provides an overview on the current status for urban passengers transport priorities, with regards to European challenges up to 2050.

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018

  • D1.3 - Truly integrated long distance transport system

    This document aims to define a truly integrated long distance transport system. ACARE and ERTRAC roadmaps broadly tend to have a higher focus on passenger aspects while WATERBORNE and ALICE include more aspects related to freight. ERRAC’s roadmaps consider both passenger and freight. This document attempts to provide an understanding of the conditions required to achieve a truly integrated long distance passenger transport system. To do so, an overview of the status of the related roadmaps is briefly introduced and assessed, with particular emphasis on cross-modal aspects already taking place between ERTRAC, ERRAC, WATERBORNE and ACARE. This is then put into context with the aspirations of the transport White Paper (original and its midterm review) as well as those included in the EC’s transport advisory group (TAG), both of which include visions of what the European transport system should be and do.

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018

  • D1.4 - EC-funded research contribution to roadmapping of urban transport

    This deliverable aims to explore the different SRIAs, dealing with urban transport, published in the last 5 years. The goal of this exercise was to better understand the general developments of the roadmaps, as well as to identify new scopes. The conclusions, considering the deliverable D1.5 “EC-funded research contribution to roadmapping of long distance transport”, may outline how the SRIAs reflect future transport scenarios and update their content, to bring common opportunities facing the new EU challenges. On the other hand, it may support the identification of the synergies between the various urban roadmaps and especially the way in which they are developed, including the EU tools.

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018

  • D1.5 - EC-funded research contribution to road-mapping of long distance transport

    This deliverable aims to explore advancements/changes in the past 5 years aimed at developing the different SRIAs related to long distance passenger transport. The focus is on collecting EU funded projects that contribute to the SRIA development. We conclude that for surface transport ETPs (ERRAC, ERTRAC, and WATERBORNE) very similar roadmapping activity is being carried out and there is a single CSA to support this roadmapping activity. By contrast the non-surface transport sector (ACARE) tends to be funded by CSA projects which specifically address thematic issues such as cost, time, safety, emissions, and alternative fuels.

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018

  • D2.1 - Establishment of a cross-modal permanent group of stakeholders and experts in long distance freight transport

    This SETRIS Deliverable “D2.1 Establishment of a cross-modal permanent group of stakeholders and experts in long distance freight transport” has been developed in the frame of SETRIS “Sub Task 2.3.1 Creation of a cross-modal permanent group of stakeholders and experts”. According to the DoA, this group: “will have representatives coming from the ETPs involved. Its purpose is to reach consensus on major research and innovation areas that need to be addressed” in the context of Long Distance Freight. In this report we include: - Background elements considered in the creation of this group. - Main duties and objectives of the group. - Membership, including the elements taken into account to nominate the members and composition of the cross-modal permanent group of stakeholders.

    Uploaded:  5 Sep 2018

  • D2.2 - Defining of the concept a "truly integrated transport system for logistics”

    This SETRIS Deliverable “D2.2 Defining the concept a "truly integrated transport system for logistics” is a working document developed by SETRIS partners and the advice of the Transport ETPs cross-modal permanent group of stakeholders and experts in long distance freight transport (annex 1). It aims to be an initial proposal for further consultation and consensus building among the ETPs stakeholders towards the final document endorsed by all transport ETPs.

    Uploaded:  7 Sep 2018

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