Groupement des Industries de Construction et Activités Navales

Courtesy of GICAN


The GICAN, the French Marine Industry Group, affiliates more than 180 industrialists in the maritime industry.  It brings together shipyards, system and equipment manufacturers, subcontractors, engineering and architect businesses that are involved in the design, construction, maintenance and implementation of military and civilian vessels,  and those who work in the domain of maritime security and Marine Renewable Energies.

The GICAN is a natural partner  of the Ministry of Armed Forces, of the Economy and of the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, as well as "Secrétariat Général de la Mer"(the General Secretariat of the Sea).

The vocation of this group is to defend the interests of its members before the State and European institutions, to promote their know-how on the international stage and lead its network of members. The GICAN also organizes the Euronaval and Euromaritime exhibitions.

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