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Aerospace & Mechanical engineering

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Aerospace & Mechanical engineering is both a teaching department and a research unit of the Faculty of Applied Science at the University of Liège.

The A&M department is strongly involved in the teaching activities of the Faculty, at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, to train the engineers of tomorrow. The close connection between teaching and research activities ensures that novel technological developments and scientific progress are rapidly integrated into the curriculum of the different teaching programs.

The A&M research unit aims at developing advanced technologies and engineering solutions based on the scientific core disciplines of dynamics, continuum mechanics, material sciences, thermodynamics and applied mathematics with a particular focus on applications in the fields of aerospace engineering, materials and processes, energy conversion, mechanical systems, biomechanics and numerical methods.

Building on the heritage of the former LTAS (Laboratoire de Techniques AéroSpatiales), A&M has achieved international recognition for the development of advanced numerical simulations; numerical modeling forms the backbone of many research studies. Nonetheless, the methodological approach relies also heavily on the fruitful confrontation of the numerical and experimental approaches of processes and phenomena. To this end, the research unit can leverage key experimental infrastructure, equipment and expertise.

A&M is committed to the development of multilateral scientific collaborations with other academic partners, research institutes and private companies/industries, at both the regional and international scales, to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and to support high level education/training programs. A&M has thus a large number of key industrial partners.

A&M staff amounts to more than 120 people, including 24 academics (20 full-time), 4 permanent researchers, ~ 20 postdoctoral researchers, ~80 researchers (including PhD candidates), and 16 people in the administrative and technical staff. The research unit is composed of 20 core research groups.

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