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Naval Architecture Research Unit

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ANAST is the Naval Architecture Research Unit of University of Liege (ULiège) with competences in Ship and Offshore structures, design, production, O&M and hydronamics. Ship and Offshore structure optimization and offshore structure reliability are ANAST's main research activities ( 

ANAST has large experience of EU projects. ANAST coordinated IMPROVE (FP6) in which maintenance and life cycle costs were major factors to drive the structural optimisation of various vessels. In BESST (FP7), ANAST developed an innovative multi-objective optimization platform using advanced existing software/tools, which is currently extended in HOLISHIP (H2020). ANAST was partner in HLC-AIMS (Eureka-Eurogia EU Project) targeting predictive maintenance and inspection of offshore wind turbines - Monitoring based, RBA, Decision Making, etc. ULiège/ANAST is deeply involved in EERA JP-WIND, BERA at national level and in ISSC. 

ULiège is leading the EMSHIP Erasmus Mundus Master degree in Advanced Design in Ship and Offshore Structure (  




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