WATERBORNE TP Blue Growth Working Group

Given the new challenges raised by the scarcity of resources and land available, ocean are believed to be the only way to fulfil mankind’s growing needs for food, energy, water, organic or mineral resources, etc. This prompts the need to develop significantly industrial activities at sea.

In order to provide the European Commission with the best possible feedback from industries interested by this new opportunity for sustainable growth, the WATERBORNETP community created in June 2014 the so called WATERBORNETP Blue Growth Working Group that will contribute with the provision of engineering and technology to support the businesses willing to go at sea for businesses that can be as diverse as renewable energies, aggregate mining, shallow & deep sea mining, offshore oil & gas, shipping, yachting & marinas, cruise tourism, coastal tourism, fisheries, maritime security, biotechnologies, desalination, aquaculture, fish farming, etc.

The following documents are available for download