Maritime RDI

You set the agenda for maritime research in Europe

Research, development and innovation are key to improving the competitiveness of Europe’s maritime industries and strengthening their capacity to meet the environmental, energy, safety and human-factor challenges they face.

Maritime Europe Strategy Action (MESA - FOSTER WATERBORNE) aims to enhance the effectiveness of the research and innovation capacities of the European maritime industry, by:

  • Optimizing European maritime RDI strategies;
  • Involving stakeholders and disseminating the research results, to increase the visibility of new maritime RDI findings;
  • Helping to define future maritime RDI transport policies.

You can be involved in this exciting initiative, by commenting on the latest draft versions of the updated WATERBORNETP Vision paper, Strategic Research Agenda and Implementation Plan, and by attending one of our workshops/events.

Here is a list of a list of current calls to submit research proposals in areas of relevance to the maritime sector.

Here is a review of Marine-related research proposals 2007-2010